Weight Loss Through Breathing

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Breathing techniques to lose weight.

Breathing lets us live. Breathing is the ultimate affirmation of life inside our bodies. When we workout we are always instructed to take deep breaths to energize our bodies. Breath control, or in other words Pranayama is the foundation of Yoga. Yoga postures and meditation are practiced with breathing techniques to pull the maximum effect of the exercises. The fundamental goal of Pranayama is to establish the bond between the physical and mental equilibrium. Here we talk all about how to leverage breathing to lose weight.

Why Pranayama?

According to healthline.com, Pranayama Decreases stress, Improves sleep quality, increases mindfulness, reduces high blood pressure, and Improves lung function. Pranayama can act as a resistance to many lung conditions such as asthma, allergic bronchitis, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.
Not to mention, Pranayama helps with working memory, cognitive flexibility, reasoning skills, and increases oxygen uptake that leads to energizing brain cells.
So, Pranayama is not merely a tool that can be used for weight loss. If done correctly we can overcome many health issues that cannot be cured by conventional medicine.

4 Main Pranayama Techniques

The fat is mainly discarded through carbon dioxide & water. According to studies, if you breathe deeply in a controlled manner, you are definitely burning fat.
Dr. Renu Mahtani, who demonstrates Rhythmic Pranayama says that mindful breathing is a powerful tool that is often taken for granted. She further adds that Rhythmic breathing mimics the natural biological rhythms while de-stressing your mind, reducing brain fatigue, augmenting optimistic energies, and improving health.
Here are some of the crucial breathing techniques to get you one step closer to have a healthy body and mind.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

Kapalbhati Pranayama, A.K.A. skull shining breath, is beneficial for belly fat reduction and toning the abdominal muscles. Make sure to wait a bit before you expose yourself to cold water or air-conditioned spaces right after this exercise.
According to Dr. Renu Mahtani, pregnant women and women who are menstruating shouldn’t do this breathing practice.

Sit in a comfortable position while keeping your spine in a straight line.
You can either keep your hands on your knees or in Gyan mudra. (Bending your index finger and touching the thumb)
Take your first breath slowly while closing your eyes.
Exhale with a force, feeling the inward movement of your belly.
Do this movement for 2 to 3 minutes.

Anulom Vilom Pranayama

This alternate breathing technique supports getting rid of fat that is accumulated due to hormonal imbalances and removes toxins from the blood.
If you notice a sudden discomfort in your body amid practice, stop immediately. Furthermore, pregnant women should take advice before practicing this.

Take a comfortable mat and sit on it while straightening your spine. Take a couple of deep breaths prior to this exercise in order to relax your body.
Keep your left hand on your knee and close the right nostril with your right thumb.
Now, inhale with your left nostril.
Close your left nostril with your ring finger. Then exhale with the right nostril and inhale again.
Then close your right nostril with your thumb and exhale with your left nostril.
This is one round of Anulom Vilom Pranayama.
Do this exercise for 7 rounds.

Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari Pranayama technique is well known as the humming bee breath because of the sound that is produced by the throat while practicing it. The name derives from the vibration that resonates with the sound of a bee.
This breathing technique is known to be the ultimate stress buster. It also helps with respiratory ailments. If you’re a heart patient then it’s better to refrain from holding the breath for too long.

Relax your shoulders and sit with your legs crossed. Remember to straighten your spine.
Put your thumbs or index fingers lightly inside your ears without pressing them too hard.
Close your eyes with the rest of your fingers or keep your eyes closed normally.
Take a deep breath and exhale mimicking the sound of a bee and let your whole body feel the vibration.Do this for 7 to 8 rounds.

Bhastrika Pranayama

Breath of fire or the Bhastrika Pranayama is a strong breathing technique that will aid in purifying blood and speeding up your metabolism leading to rapid weight loss. Pregnant women and patients with high blood pressure should avoid this breathing practice.

Sit in a Sukhasana (Easy Pose) or a Padmasana (Lotus position) while relaxing your shoulders.
Keep your hands bent while bending the fingers towards the palms.
Start inhaling deeply while raising your hands up to the ceiling while opening the palms.
Exhale and bring your hands down to the shoulder level simultaneously.
You will feel the contraction and the relaxation of your diaphragm.

Key Points

There are various ways of performing these breathing techniques, however, the key is to do it correctly with whatever the position that is comfortable enough for you.
Learn to do them gradually without forcing your breath or mind. When you get the hang of these invaluable techniques, you will witness serenity and a healthy physique and mind.

” It takes alot less effort to do things right the first time,than it does to try and explain why you did it wrong”


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