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Did you know that algae make for two-thirds of the Earth’s biomass? Namely, thousands of algal species that cover the Earth are being identified for food, pharmaceuticals, biochemicals and fertilizers. One of the most powerful and beneficial algae for human life is by far spirulina. It is an edible, non-nitrogen fixing blue-green algae, with a long history of safe human consumption. The green alga type powder of today was used as a primary source of sustenance in Mexico for 5000 years. With over 30 years of testing, a new natural food – spirulina – has met all international food quality and safety standards. This superfood is known to be the food of the future as it brings a plethora of health benefits to the table.

Superpowers of Spirulina

Spirulina is rich in antioxidants and works as a powerful probiotic food. Did you know that it’s also nutraceutical and loaded with a variety of phytochemicals?. Due to it’s high content of phycocyanin,polysaccharides and sulfolipids,spirolina can boost the immune system. Namely, sulfolipids prevent viruses from attaching to and penetrating the cell walls. This way, all the potential viral infections are successfully prevented.This superfood has been ranked as having the highest concetration of functional nutrients of any plant,grain or herb known today. New research discovers the wonders in microscopic algae almost every day, including that phycocyanin and polysaccharide extracts of spirulina increase macrophage production and bone marrow reproduction, to name a few. The superfood we’re talking about has gained credibility throughout the years and it’s been known as an energizing, high-protein, all-natural, detoxifying food supplement.

The Best Vegetable Protein Source

Spirulina is the best vegetable protein source, with a protein content of 65%, higher than any other natural food. Some of the greatest befits of spirulina include:

  • complements vegetable protein and increases the amino acid quality if eaten within several hours of other foods.
  • a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and other unusual nutrients

Over 100% of the daily essential amino acid requirements for a typical adult male are supplied by using only 4 heaping tablespoons. Scientific research documented the health benefits of spirulina and chlorella algae on the immune system, detoxification and beneficial intestinal flora. It’s been discovered that people felt better taking as little as 3 grams of algae per day.

Great source of beta carotene

  • Three to ten grams a day delivers impressive amounts of:
  • beta carotene
  • vitamin B-12 and B complex
  • iron
  • essential trace minerals
  • gamma-linolenic acid

Spirulina also contains beta carotene. Up to ten times more  than carrots and has been used extensively around the Globe to aid in quick recovery to undernourished people suffering from malnutruiton. Ten grams of spirulina will offer 14 mg of beta carotene. The alga superfood is rich in phytonutrients and functional nutrients that demonstrate a positive effect on health. For people who don’t choose the healthiest foods every day and base their diet on junk and fast food, spirulina can renew their health and has been legally approved by Europe, Japan and many other countries around the globe as a food or food supplement.

Aids Digestion
Due to the absense of cellulose in the cell walls of spirulina which consists mainly of soft mucopolysaccharides,it can be very easily digested and assimilated. The fact that it is 85 to 95% digestible makes spirulina the perfect supplement for people suffering from intestinal malabsorption. Spirulina’s protein will make the digestion process easier and more comfortable. Spirulina is often fed to malnourished children because unlike milk powders, spirulina is more easily absorbed.

Source of B-12

Aside from having beneficial effects on digestion, protecting your immune system, feeding enough nutrients to the body and offering enough beta carotene to your body, spirulina is also the richest source of B-12. Namely, it contains higher levels of B-12 than beef liver, chlorella or sea vegetables. B-12 is necessary for the development of red blood cells, especially in the bone marrow and nervous system.

More on spirulina benefits and consumption

Nutrient-dense green superfoods are often consumed as tablets or capsules. Alternatively, you can also mix spirulina powder in drinks. There is a full spectrum of healthy smoothie recipes online that will provide you with all the necessary information on how to add spirulina to your everyday diet. These ideal fast foods pick up your energy.
Spirulina iron is easily absorbed by the human body because its blue pigment, phycocyanin, forms soluble complexes with iron and other minerals during digestion. This way, iron becomes more bioavailable and is over twice as absorbable as the form of iron found in vegetables and most meats. Spirulina may have a positive effect against diabetes too.

Final thoughts

With all the aforementioned benefits of spirulina, it’s quite clear that this superfood should become a part of everyone’s diet. Not only will it reap a myriad of benefits for your immune system, but it will feed you all the necessary vitamins and nutrients you need to live a long healthy life

“Feed your body and the mind will follow”

-Lloyd Jackson

NOTE * :

Although all material mentioned herein is based on scientific fact,it is for information purposes Only! And not intended to be a substitute to diagnose,treat or cure any health problems or mental disorders or any sympyoms thereof. Consult your Family or General Practitioner and/or Dietitian before starting any form of health regime.

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