Proteins And Fats… The Real Truth

Let me ask you a question,

Do you really think that ALL protein has 4 calories per gram…

… or that ALL carbs have 4 calories per gram…

… or what about all fats at 9 calories per gram…

It’s kind of a trick question

The simple fact that you may not know:  they are AVERAGES across all proteins, all carbs, and all fats.


These averages are what’s known as “Atwater Factors” and they were derived some time ago.

As an example:


  • Some proteins actually carry 5 cals per gram.
  • Some proteins actually carry 3.5 cals per gram.


Same thing with fats and carbs.


Different sources have DIFFERENT actual per gram calorie loads.

In fact, if you look on many labels and do the math, you’ll find you may not get the calorie totals to add up right.

Say a product has 200 cals on the label.

If you take the protein and carb content in grams and multiply by 4, then add those to the fats which you’ve multiplied by 9, you MAY NOT get 200 cals.

Here’s why this is important:





About the author: John Barban

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