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Nightshade Veggies. An Inside Look

Adding fruits and vegetables to our diet from the nightshade family can not only be a delicious choice but a…

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Foods That Burn Fat

Boosting metabolic rates can lose body fat. However, fat-burning supplements available on the market are unsafe or ineffective. Fortunately, many…

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POLL Should the government be able to force you to wear masks indoors?

          Should the government be able to force you to wear masks indoors? No Yes Not…

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How To Lower Bad Cholesterol

  Do you know that Ischemic heart disease and stroke are the world’s biggest killers? Not to mention, high cholesterol…

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Yoga Silhouette Meditation Exercise  - AlemCoksa / Pixabay

Weight Loss Through Breathing

Breathing techniques to lose weight. Breathing lets us live. Breathing is the ultimate affirmation of life inside our bodies. When…

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Arresting and Reversing Coronary Heart Disease by Switching to Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet

The concept of eating vegan diets or low-fat vegetarian diets for reversing the symptoms of heart disease has been around…

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Atom Electron Neutron Nuclear Power  - geralt / Pixabay

The Free Radical Theory of Aging

According to the free radical theory, aging is the cumulative result of oxidative damage to the cells and tissues of…

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Cocoa Cacao Chocolate Food Sweet  - janiceweirgermia / Pixabay

Nutritional health benefits of the Cacao Bean

Health benefits of the Cacao Bean Nature has given us everything in its natural form. However, as humans, we have…

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Spirulina – Superfood For Life

Did you know that algae make for two-thirds of the Earth’s biomass? Namely, thousands of algal species that cover the…

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Alternative Medicine – Medical Cannabis in Focus

Alternative medicines are fast becoming the  mainstream of the day. From headaches to anxiety, these unconventional alternatives seem to have…

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