Milk…The Perfect Food?

” Don’t just eat your supper,finish your milk”

That’s what my mother told me for as long as I can remember,which I in turn would pass down to her Grand Children. Every one knew it. It was on the T.V…”Milk,it’s The Perfect Food.”Or at least that’s what they told us.

The Genesis of Milk

The “Adam and Eve” of  todays modern day Bovine,domesticated by early English and Northern European Farmers some 8-10,000 years ago, once ranged throughout Asia, Europe and North Africa,and were given the name,Auroch (Or-R’ock).  In fact,it was the milking of these Neolithic mammals that brought about the domestication of todays Dairy Cow as we know it. No one really seems to know how  the act of milking the first  cow was ever brought about or even why, for that matter,so I guess the jury is still out on that one for now .

A New Revelation

“Milk is the perfect food…if you’re a baby calf ” says Dr. Colin Campbell. A Penn State Graduate who grew up on a Dairy Farm in a rural community in Virginia,”and trying to switch the milk from one species to another doesn’t make alot of sense” In his younger years Campbell not only defended the family business, but consumed and promoted their Dairy  products on the beliefs at the time that it was “Natures most perfect food.”Subsequent years of research and studies,however would later unveil some ground breaking discoveries that would later force him to change both his beliefs and biases and actually advocate Not consuming the very same products that constituted the family’s livelihood for him and his family so many years ago.

The Changing Times

In 1909,the average red blooded American consumed around 294lbs. of  Dairy products  a year,but by 2006 that yearly intake more than doubled to 605 lbs. By the mid-late 50’s,the hay- day of the drive-in Restaurant and processed fast food was in full swing and Dr. Campbell was attending Cornell University. In the mid 1960’s, Dr. Campbell stumbled  on an amazing scientific paper in an East Indian Medical journal while working in the Philippines  with his Colleagues trying to get more protein to millions of mal-nourished children

The final Correlation

The paper described a detailed experiment done on a population of rats that were exposed to a carcinogen known as Aflatoxin,and then fed a diet of Casein,the primary protein we find in milk. During this test of the effect of protein on the development of liver cancer, they used 2 different levels of protein. In one group total diet contained 20% protein while the other had only 5. The end result was that the rats who’s diet only contained 5% had no tumors or precancerous lesions on the liver. Hence by simply changing the amount of protein you could actually turn on cancer or turn it off. These findings,together with what he had already known about increased liver cancer in Pilipino children eating animal based foods became a major turning point in his career. The conclusion was that animal based protein was very good at turning on cancer cells.

A Lesson In History

Another world renowned researcher and soon to be colleague of Dr. Campbell was Dr. Caldwell Essylstyn. A farm boy from the rolling hills of upstate New York and graduate of Yale . Although they had not met each other yet, the findings from both of their research would only serve to reinforce the effects animal based protein had on cancer. An historical fact about WWII was uncovered by Dr. Essylstyn that showed the causes of circulatory deaths  in Norway , 1927-1948

The first thing the Germans did when they invaded Norway was to commandeer all the farm animals and livestock to provide supplies for the troops,leaving the Norwegians with nothing but plant- based foods . From 1927-1939 heart disease and stroke were on a steady rise. Then in 1940 when the Germans took over. Immediately the numbers dropped…until the cessation of hostilities in 1945. Then,back comes the livestock,back comes meat,dairy and poultry and up go the number of deaths again for cardiovascular disease. The evidence was right there.




You Be The Judge

The way we eat and view our foods today has changed more in the last 75-80 years than in the previous 10,000. Is the food industry really trying to hide something from us? What reason could there be?Aside from knowing that if we did know,maybe we might not want to eat it. You be the Judge.

“He that takes medicine and neglects diet,wastes the time of his doctor”

– Ancient Chinese Proverb

The preceding material was for information purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for the  treatment or diagnosis of any illness or medical condition. Any changes in diet or health regime should be discussed with your family practitioner or dietary Nutritionist.



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