Chinese Treatment Study Shows Promise For COVID-19

Chinese High Dose Vitamin C for Covid-19 Treatment Studies by Richard Z. Cheng, M.D., Ph.D.

An extremely dire situation




More than 700,000 deaths have resulted because of the coronavirus infection. Worldwide this has resulted in economic losses of more than US$86 trillion. Amazingly despite the serious impact of coronavirus medical advisors have been slow and even reluctant to suggest a specific treatment for coronavirus. When looking at this situation objectively the slow response coming from medical advisors is extremely surprising and even unexpected. However, there are many medical professionals who have no doubt that there are many inexpensive and also extremely safe medical treatments for a wide variety of viral infections. Surprisingly enough, the majority of medical agencies seem to be suppressing some of these inexpensive and simple treatments because of some secret agenda. The reality is that extensive studies have been done by researchers such as Dr. Enqian Mao and Dr. Zhiyong Peng which have shown excellent results among coronavirus patients who have been treated with high doses of vitamin C. These studies have shown a substantial reduction in inflammation and in mortality rates when people have been treated with high doses of vitamin C.

About the study

A fully controlled and randomized clinical trial has been conducted at several hospitals in China specifically in the Hubei Province. During this research project 54 people suffering from coronavirus were included in the study. This included people with severe acute respiratory syndrome and half of these people were treated with a placebo while the rest received HDIVC. 12 mg of vitamin C was provided to each patient and this was done every 12 hours over a period of seven days. Those who was given the placebo received sterile water. There were mixed results and even though on a statistical level there was no obvious difference between the two groups, nevertheless, those patients in the HDIVC group were clearly showing a steady improvement as far as blood oxygenation levels were concerned as well as a measurable reduction in mortality rates. These patients also have shown a definite reduction of  inflammation levels. There were strong indications that HDIVC might be able to provide patients with an additional protective clinical effect and can do so without any negative side effects.

Additional research

Dr. EQ Mao and his colleagues also conducted a study in Shanghai. This was done among coronavirus patients who have been admitted to the Shanghai public health clinical Center between January and April 2020. A number of extremely ill patients were included in this study and they were monitored over a period of 10 days. There were 12 patients in this study of which six were severely ill and the rest was critically ill. They were treated with HDIVC within 24 hours after being admitted. Surprisiungly, It was noted that the C reactive protein, the lymphocyte counts as well as CD4+ T cell counts returned to normal on Day 3. There were also substantial improvements as far as blood oxygenation levels were concerned. Primary organs in the body also seem to do better during that time of HDIVC treatment. Extensive studies relating to vitamin C have been done over the last century and it is well-known that vitamin C is highly effective when it comes to the treatment of viral infections.

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