Immune & Antioxidant

The Impact Of Vitamin D On COVID 19 – Myth Or Reality?

While the millennials were busy making New Year resolutions last December, little, did they know what 2020 was bringing to…

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Mushrooms and Toadstools: Delicacy or Death?

Are you eating mushrooms on your pizzas and are loving the flavour they give? Then probably you might have thought…

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Chinese Treatment Study Shows Promise For COVID-19

Chinese High Dose Vitamin C for Covid-19 Treatment Studies by Richard Z. Cheng, M.D., Ph.D. An extremely dire situation  …

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Foods That Boost Your Immune System

  How can you improve your immune system? Your immune system does the best job of defending you against disease-causing…

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Atom Electron Neutron Nuclear Power  - geralt / Pixabay

The Free Radical Theory of Aging

According to the free radical theory, aging is the cumulative result of oxidative damage to the cells and tissues of…

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Cocoa Cacao Chocolate Food Sweet  - janiceweirgermia / Pixabay

Nutritional health benefits of the Cacao Bean

Health benefits of the Cacao Bean Nature has given us everything in its natural form. However, as humans, we have…

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The Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that has been widely used as a flavoring additive for many cuisines. However, cinnamon has been…

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New Hope For Covid-19 victims

THE RELATION OF THE PREVENTION OF COVIID-19 AND VITAMIN-D For normal functioning of the body, Vitamin D is essential for…

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Coranavirus Mask Virus Coronavirus

Covid-19.New Updates

What exactly is Coronavirus (COVID-19)? The novel coronavirus is identified in human beings for the very first time as severe…

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The Power of Vitimans

  Despite years of research and trial and error, many people still have no idea what an inadequate intake level…

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