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Is The worst of COVID-19 Behind Us? Not So Fast !

Hey there. As the world starts to open back up and some semblance of normal life returns, you might be…

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Shocking Report Exposes COVID-19 “JAB”

Rumble — BREAKING! Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters with a horrific revelation regarding the ‘magnetism’ videos circulating the world of social…

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Should the Government force citizens to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

  The COVID-19 vaccine is about to get distributed around the world and governments are already floating the idea of…

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The Impact Of Vitamin D On COVID 19 – Myth Or Reality?

While the millennials were busy making New Year resolutions last December, little, did they know what 2020 was bringing to…

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The impact of COVID-19 on mental health

What is the most gruesome Impact of COVID-19 on mental health in 2020? COVID-19 doomed the world throughout the year…

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