Alternative Medicine – Medical Cannabis in Focus

Alternative medicines are fast becoming the  mainstream of the day. From headaches to anxiety, these unconventional alternatives seem to have an option for practically all ailments.
Aromatherapy, crystal therapy, acupuncture, are but a few on the laundry list of alternatives to the traditional doctor’s visit.
That said, cannabis is arguably the most popular alternative therapy. Alias cannabis Sativa, cannabis indica, marijuana, and Indian hemp, cannabis has gained widespread recognition, globally.In fact, the once-demonized ancient plant may soon become a threat to western medicine existence.

Benefits of Medical Cannabis
Marijuana contains certain compounds which researchers say may bind with the body’s Endocannabinoid System to regulate certain body functions. This interaction is perceived to manage migraine, endometriosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other causes of chronic pain.

Mental health

Cannabis is widely thought to trigger adverse mental conditions. While THC – the high-causing compound in cannabis – is believed to cause anxiety and some personality disorders, there are no substantial findings to validate this theory.
Instead, a long list of study reports suggests cannabis may come in handy to manage a range of mental conditions including phobias, alcoholism, Schizophrenia, depression and opiate withdrawal, among others.

Some properties in cannabis have been thought to help alleviate the adverse effects of chemotherapy. In fact, although there are no substantial results yet, oncologists are investigating the possibility of treating cancer itself with cannabis.
Although some old research suggests THC may be promising for the treatment of cancer, the psychoactive – high causing – nature of the compound breeds skepticism.
For this, researchers have preferred to focus their research on cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabidiol(CBD), two common compounds in the cannabis plant.

A recent study says cannabis is more potent when its cannabinoids are used collectively, the compounds complimenting one-another.Brain cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, tumor growth, and skin cancer, among others, are common cancerous conditions attracting scientific research.


While cannabis is widely linked to hunger pangs, studies say specific properties in marijuana may help modulate appetite, a possible treatment for eating disorders such as anorexia.
Again, cannabis has been used, over time, for nausea relief. However, studies say cannabis may relieve digestive issues. Medical marijuana may offer relief to a range of health concerns, including diabetes, obesity, and Crohn’s disease.


The pain-reducing, anxiety-relieving, and relaxation properties in cannabis researchers say may help improve sleep.

Any side effects?

Among others, depression, dizziness, low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, red eyes, and hallucination are commonly reported adverse effects among users.
The drug may also influence movement and impair judgment, common causes of injuries and accidents.For teenagers who use it recreationally, marijuana may affect mental functions and cause low IQ.
Cannabis smoking has been linked to certain respiratory issues. Although the effects on lungs look hazy, existing evidence suggests the cannabis smoking may cause lung problems such as bronchitis.
Although some say marijuana may also lead to drug abuse and eventual dependence,it is still a controversial issue. The sad truth unfortunately,is that even though the Cannabis sativa plant contains more than 80 different compounds that occur naturally in it,only 3 or 4 have actually been approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. You can easily find out which ones on their website.

How to obtain medical cannabis

To get medical marijuana, get a recommendation from a licensed medical doctor within a cannabis-friendly jurisdiction.To obtain such recommendation requires that the patient is confirmed to suffer from such conditions that may require medical marijuana use. In some states, a marijuana ID card may be required.With such expert-recommendation or ID card, you can buy your cannabis product at any licensed cannabis dispensary.

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NOTE * :

Although all material mentioned herein is based on scientific fact,it is for information purposes Only! And not intended to be a substitute to diagnose,treat or cure any health problems or mental disorders or any sympyoms thereof. Consult your Family or General Practitioner and/or Dietitian before starting any form of health regime.

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