Inside healthaffects you’ll find all the tools, education, inspiration and step by step programs you need to help you get healthy and stay that way. Whether you want to do a detox, learn about natural treatments for depression, chronic illness or even cancer. Learn about healthy rituals to calm the body, reduce stress and sleep better, there’s something for everyone.

So sit back with your favorite smoothie and come with me on a journey to a “Drug Free” world of knowledge where food is turned into medicine and medicine is turned into food.

Knowledge that’s taken me over 31 years to collect and research. Vital information about healthy choices, physical and mental activities and superfoods that will not only keep you healthy, but quite possibly could save your life !

To your Health.

Normand V. Savoie,

President, Founder and CE.O.

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” 



NOTE * :

Although all material mentioned herein is based on scientific fact,it is for information purposes Only! And not intended to be a substitute to diagnose,treat or cure any health problems or mental disorders or any symptyoms of chronic illness. Consult your Family or General Practitioner and/or Dietitian before starting any form of health regime.