Our Children…A Growing Problem


Obesity and diabetes

Statistics show that increasing numbers of people are now struggling with obesity. This is particularly true of young people in the US and even more troubling is the fact that obesity makes a person more likely to contract diabetes. Naturally reputable research organizations are interested in finding ways to help especially young people to be more responsible when it comes to the control of their blood sugar. Unfortunately, there are far too many young people who do not pay sufficient attention to their blood sugar and this can lead to very serious complications. In fact, a large number of people with blood sugar problems can end up in hospital for emergency treatment. Research has clearly shown that over 30% of US children are now obese and furthermore, these individuals are significantly more likely to have problems with type II diabetes. Diabetes is a very serious illness which can cause blindness and the loss of limbs and in a worst-case scenario it can be lethal.

Benefiting from a plant-based lifestyle

Studies have shown that people who are following a plant-based lifestyle cannot only prevent but they can also reverse type II diabetes. In fact,  members of religious organizations who follow a vegan lifestyle will be an astonishing 60% less likely to have any future problems with type II diabetes. Furthermore, following a vegan and a low-fat diet can significantly improve an individual’s blood sugar levels as well as their weight, kidney function and cholesterol and this can be of benefit to people suffering from diabetes. Study after study has indicated that a plant-based diet is unquestionably the most effective approach for people of any age who are suffering from diabetes. If you’re serious about a healthy cardiovascular system, then it is important to avoid cholesterol and all kinds of animal fat.

Monkey See, Monkey Do


It should be remembered that as soon as children move on to solid foods they quickly adopt many of the habits which have been adopted by their parents. It should also be remembered that  young child require more starches in other words things such as beans, corn, rice, potatoes and also sweet potatoes. These food types will provide the majority of the calories which they will require in order to develop healthy physical bodies. However, other things are not as beneficial such as dairy products and various kinds of meat as well as simple sugars and oils are things which will lead to illness and weight problems. Children who are on a starch-based diet will always get all of the calcium, zinc, essential amino acids, protein, essential fats and iron which they will need to develop healthy bodies. Never take the word of the manufacturing corporations who claim that calcium can only come from dairy products or protein can only come from meat and eggs and such things. There are a large number of people who firmly believe that without dairy products and meat, children will become victims to a whole range of deficiencies which will lead to illness and poor childhood development. Science has proven those assumptions to be false.

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Although all material mentioned herein is based on scientific fact, it is for information purposes Only! And not intended to be a substitute to diagnose, treat or cure any health problems or mental disorders or any symptoms thereof. Consult your Family or General Practitioner and/or Dietitian before starting any form of health regime.

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